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DREAMING FOR BETTER (Agony for Survival) - കഥ

It is midnight now. After tiresome routine job and regular drinking at usual bar, Sam is at his bachelors’ room. Sam is around his thirties and recently got married at second time. His daily routine is visiting the dance bar after office duty. He works as accountant for a media company in Dubai.

As usual, Sam is now waiting to sleep to come over his head at this midnight after heavy drinking his favorite brand. Again, sleepless night is. Sam lies in his shaggy bed gazing at the cracked ceiling with his half closed eyes. His mind is now full of memories about loss and profit balance sheet in his life. Now past unpleasant incidents rolled over in his mind...

Sam had a wife named Supriya. She loved him with whole heart. Sam lately realized this after his second marriage. His sweet happy married life with Supriya was only for a short span of six months. Then unexpected occurred which separated them.

It was as usual a love at first sight affair. Sam was at Supriya’s city to pursue his management studies. Sam noticed Supriya in his regular bus journey and within a few days, they became close each other. Supriya was working at a travel agency and was so beautiful and smart. They spent to walk together and shared evening at beach. Sam never disclosed the fact that he is jobless or his studies at the well known institute. Moreover, he told her that he is doing some business and always had long tongue about his ancestors and other wealthy relatives who survived in life successfully.

Supriya impressed in Sam and trusted him. They got married against their family wishes, with full support of her friends. Their sweet married life became slowly bitter. Supriya was really shocked when she understood that Sam is a jobless man! She lost interest and affection was fading away without her control. Even then, as she is aware his agony for survival to look after their cherished dream of a sweet home and lovely children, Supriya tried her best to find out good job for Sam.
They were living in an old rented house at the outskirts of city. Supriya’s income was only the source of living. Their family totally avoided them forever except Supriya’s uncle Kumaran Mama. He was a retired Head Master and widower without children. He lives alone and involved in social charity works. He often calls or mails Supriya and visited first and last only their rented house.

When Supriya saw her Kumaran Mama unexpectedly at that isolated old rent house, she wept a lot and her shattered dream of life was flowing in tears like flooded river which speedily overflows taking trees with green busy branches which fell from riverbank. Kumaran Mama was helpless at her fate and upset about things; puzzled how to save her life. They heard some footsteps near to and it was Sam. He appeared in a bad nature by opening closed door and saw old aged Kumaran Mama was holding weeping Supriya to his chest and was consoling her trying to relax for.

Sam was coming after having a job interview for marketing executive job and was tired after long walk through city streets on that hot summer day. He had drinks after long time and his bad drinking habit was not known to Supriya which made things worsen than ever. It was a shock to Supriya to realize that her husband is a drunkard. She could not believe her eyes to see Sam comes with drooping head and dizzy walking in front of respectable Kumaran Mama! Uncle had an assumption that Supriya’s husband is a gentleman having decent job. He amazed to see Sam is a drunkard and coming with shaky steps in front of them. Sam did not respect Kumaran Mama’s old age and Supriya astonished when Sam misbehaved to that old man.

He shouted at Kumaran Mama and abused with dirty language. Sam shouted at him to go away. Supriya cried aloud and packed her belongings immediately. She took almost all her dresses and put in two bags. Kumaran Mama waited at the veranda and Sam never thought of her sudden changes. To his astonishment, Supriya came out with bags and called Kumaran Mama without looking at Sam. An unusual boldness was appeared on her face and did not mind Sam. Kumaran Mama looked at him with tearful eyes and stepped out by opening his old umbrella to protect hot sun light of that afternoon time.

At last, Supriya went away from Sam with her respected uncle Kumaran Mama and away from that house. Sam never thought of that sudden decision of Supriya. She was crying silently when she walked with her uncle. Kumaran Mama helped her by taking one bag from her to carry with him and walked beside Supriya under his old umbrella.

They left away from that rented old house. Sam regretted in his sudden uncontrolled changes. He called her several times from behind in that hot climate. Supriya turned once only to look back at Sam who was coming some steps forward and stood in front of that old house. He saw Supriya walked with Kumaran Mama through the green paddy field and they disappeared at last as a black spot far away from his eyesight. He was weeping first time in his life. His agony for survival was tough after he lost her. He got that executive job and vacated house to shift to a low rented lodge room in the city and addicted to heavy drinks soon. After some months, he got a divorce notice from her and legally separated forever against his hope.

Sam lived lonely for almost five years after that and became addicted to smoking and drinking heavily. He was totally isolated from his family. Some of his good friends found him at last and they tried to save his life through treatment at a de-addiction centre. He became well and they tried to get him a job. Sam’s life slowly got back to track.

After his friends’ attempt and advice, at last Sam agreed for and got married again. His second wife was Shilpa, a village girl and a divorcee too. Sam’s dreams about a life partner got shattered again and fully dissolved on their first night itself. Shilpa was always gloomy and never talked to Sam. She did not like his touch or presence and rejected his approaches for having sex. Day by day, she behaved rudely to him and hated him as an ugly creature.

They never had a married life in its full manner. Shilpa slept always on the floor while Sam was in bed looking at her in desire and sleepless nights were going one by one. Sam began drinking heavily again in the city bar. Shilpa hated him by all means and went to her home without any serious reason after ten days of living together. Sam decided to escape from this situation and tried to find out a job abroad.

At last, he left to Dubai after getting job through a travel agency. He lost himself and lived lonely among this crowded city for surviving with agony. Shilpa never responded Sam’s phone calls and he stopped to call her anymore. Years gone by... He has no information about her whereabouts and lost her forever. He does not know where she is now!

At this moment, Sam is in his bed gazing with his half closed eyes at the cracked ceiling and waiting for sleep to come after enough painful thorns of bitter memories. Expecting sweet dreams at least and slowly he fell in to sleep to wake up next morning to pursue life of agony for survival and a better future.

Won 1st Prize, Best English Story in the literary competition’10
of Kerala Social Centre, Abu Dhabi

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